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Parenting as an Art

The art of raising happy, healthy, creative children
0 – 7 years

Every parent wants to raise an amazing child yet in todays society full of hazards and difficulties that goal seems at times allusive. The result is that children and their childhood, a most precious gift, is so often packaged, hurried and neglected.  How can we help realise for children a childhood of joy, delight and healthy growth? 

Parenting as an Art offers:
–  A resolution to many difficulties and problems in early childhood

– A view of children as dignified, universal
human beings
– A holistic understanding
of the child as a unique individual

Parenting as an Art is a guide for those wanting to creatively support their children on the amazing journey in the first seven years of life.

This book provides practical and creative advice and inspiration for parents.  The premise is that through the caring and connected approach as outlined, parents will discover the creative art of helping their children realise their extraordinary potential. 

Thanh Cherry, renowned early childhood educator, draws upon her extensive wisdom and experience of thirty five years as a Waldorf/Steiner early childhood teacher and international educator and teacher trainer.

Jane Hanckel, author of ‘Growing Greener Children’, has had twenty years experience fostering healthy relationships between children, families and nature. Jane co-founded Inspired Education and the Spirit of Childhood Foundation to help children realise their full physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential.

The Eco Parenting book series - 'Eco Parenting – Growing Greener Children' by Jane Hanckel and 'Parenting as an Art' by Thanh Cherry with Jane Hanckel provide parenting information for parents and professionals wanting to create healthy environments for children.    To order visit

'Eco Parenting – Growing Greener Children' by Jane Hanckel is a comprehensive guide for parents who care about their children’s health and the environment. Gives easy access to information about common toxins in our environment and food and what you can do to avoid exposing your child to unnecessary health risks. This book provides parents with information and latest research about everyday environmental concerns and the link to illnesses such as asthma, ADHD, obesity and precocious puberty. The book features practical suggestions of how to avoid the everyday environmental triggers that enable parents to create environments for their children’s health and well being.

‘The future of the human species is dependent on how we take care of our young. If we are to survive eco parenting is not an option it is a necessity. Eco parenting practices as outlined in this book can help save the environment and curtail the current epidemic of lifestyle related chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, ADHD, asthma etc. while also ensuring that children and their parents live long, joyous and fulfilling lives.’     Professor Marc Cohen, RMIT University

‘A valuable guide for parents and other adults who want to nourish children’s knowledge of nature, and, even more important, their love of it.’ Richard Louv, author, ‘The Nature Principle’ and ‘Last Child in the Woods’

‘Eco Parenting - Growing Greener Children is beyond doubt amongst the most important and informative books ever written on nurturing healthy, happy and sustainable families. This easy to read book contains such valuable, interesting and well researched knowledge that I find it hard to imagine why every family isn’t given a copy when they have their first child.’ Ryan Hamilton, Wholelife Santos

‘Eco Parenting – Growing Greener Children, should be in every kitchen and every shoppers handbag or pocket as an indispensible reference.
Bruce Purkiss D.0.,D.C., Dip.Ac. ,

Spirit of Childhood run the Inspir=Ed health, education and well being programs and professional development workshops across Australia. 

In 2014 the Rainforest Kindergarten Project, a Nature Early Childhood Education early childhood education and training program was launched.
The Rainforest Kindergarten Project is a program to promote and support Nature Kindergarten programs in communities. The project provides training, mentoring and support for facilitators to deliver Nature Kindergarten programs in communities. Click here link to 'Dreaming the Forest', a short video about the program.


Wellbeing of children and families

'We packed away all the plastic" said Delta Kay, Aboriginal spokesperson from Byron Bay, NSW Australia.  Delta talks about the transformative effects of Inspir=Ed, Spirit of Childhood programs on children and parents at the eco parenting book launch.  The Inspir=Ed programs use eco principals and nature to create healthy learning and play environments for the wellbeing of children and families.

Inspir=Ed Making a Difference

The Inspir=Ed program at the Aboriginal Medical Service in Sydney used the eco parenting principles to create positive outcomes for children and their families.  The program provided support for families and children aged 0 – 5 years. 

Outcomes of the program include
  • Improved parenting capacity
  • Improved child behaviours
  •  Improved nutrition
  • Increased independent and self directed play
  • Increased creative and independent play 
  • Reduced negative behaviours of children and parents
  • Increase in positive behaviours of parents

Program elements included use of all natural materials, removing all plastic from the children's environment and introducing healthy food for the parents and children. Pamela Simon, Indigenous Early Intervention Coordinator says about the program “What is different about it ... if you do things more gentle and subtle, and this program that's how it works. The calmness, working with the natural products, it's going back to the traditional way of things working with all the natural materials. It is fantastic."

Aim of Spirit of Childhood Foundation

The aim of the foundation is to create an Australia where every child is loved, nurtured, safe and secure so that they can reach their full physical, emotional, social and intellectual potential.

Spirit of Childhood run innovative programs for professionals, early childhood workers and parents to strengthen the early parent-child bonds, build parenting skills and support the understanding of the developmental stages of early childhood.

Jane Hanckel, co founder of Spirit of Childhood Foundation is available for workshops and presentations on the topics of nature, children and wellbeing. 

Inspir=Ed Autumn/Winter 2016 Newsletter

Inspir=Ed September 2009 NEWSLETTER...Innovative parent-child this issue

  • Increased Creative Play... Improved Parenting Skills
  • Kid’s Eating Healthy Foods
  • Building Resilience at Bunjum Aboriginal Co-Op
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Providing Skills for Calmer Parenting, and more...

Jane Hanckel is an inspiring international speaker,

creative educator and early childhood, health and well being specialist and CEO of Inspir=Ed.

Be Inspir=Ed – help create confident, independent, creative, self assured individuals for the 21st Century.

Find out more about Inspir=Ed, Spirit of Childhoods design, development and consultancy services.

The Inspir=Ed program at the Aboriginal Medical Service in Sydney:  using natural materials and introducing healthy food for the parents and children, the program has provided support and parenting skills for over eighty families that have attended. In this video Pamela Simon, the Indigenous Early Intervention Coordinator and others talk about the program.

The children of today are the future of our world...

The vision of Inspir=Ed is to bring transformative, empowering education into the hands of parents and students. Our education acknowledges the spirit of the human being and the role of the spirit in the process of becoming citizens of the Twenty-first century. The children of tomorrow are independent, creative, self assured, confident individuals who are able to cope with the challenges of the Twenty-first century. The aim of Inspir=Ed is to provide the tools and resources to enable those children to take control of their future.