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creative educator and early childhood, health and well being specialist and CEO of Inspir=Ed.

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The Inspir=Ed program at the Aboriginal Medical Service in Sydney is in it's fourth year.  Using natural materials and introducing healthy food for the parents and children, the program has provided support and parenting skills for over eighty families that have attended. In this video Pamela Simon, the Indigenous Early Intervention Coordinator, Darryl Wright, CEO of Tharawal and the parents talk about the program.

The children of today are the future of our world...

The vision of Inspir=Ed is to bring transformative, empowering education into the hands of parents and students. Our education acknowledges the spirit of the human being and the role of the spirit in the process of becoming citizens of the Twenty-first century. The children of tomorrow are independent, creative, self assured, confident individuals who are able to cope with the challenges of the Twenty-first century. The aim of Inspir=Ed is to provide the tools and resources to enable those children to take control of their future.

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Inspir=Ed has published the first of the two titles in the 'eco parenting' book series – 'growing greener children' and 'pregnancy to year on guide'. 

Eco Parenting  – Growing Greener children

Growing greener children – raising happy healthy children to live more lightly on the planet

by Jane Hanckel

A comprehensive guide for parents who care about their children’s health and the environment. Gives easy access to information about common toxins in our environment and food and what you can do to avoid exposing your child to unnecessary health risks. This book provides parents with information and latest research about everyday environmental concerns and the link to illnesses such as asthma, ADHD, obesity and precocious puberty. The book features practical suggestions of how to avoid the everyday environmental triggers that enable parents to create environments for their children’s health and well being.

‘This book helps provoke much needed questions about exposure to toxic chemicals, and provides the pathways to finding answers.’
Ray Moynihan, international author ‘Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals’ & ‘Selling Sickness’

“What an excellent book! A boon for young parents wanting to do the best for their children but deprived of information”
Peter Thompson, film critic and reviewer

'It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to get a handle on the toxic threats to children but importantly it has heaps of information on how to create healthy and green spaces for children that won’t cost the earth.'
Jo Immig, National Toxics Network, Australia

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Eco Parenting – Pregnancy to Year One

Pregnancy to year one guide – the essential guide from pregnancy through the first year

by Thanh Cherry
and Jane Hanckel

A comprehensive guide for eco minded parents covering pregnancy through the first year. Filled with practical tips and easy to access information, the book is an invaluable resource for parents. Written by Thanh Cherry, internationally acclaimed early childhood educator and co-authored by Jane Hanckel, the book covers sleep and settling, introducing solids, balancing work and family – all with sound eco-friendly advice.

‘The journey through pregnancy to parenthood is potentially the most empowering and creative experience of a lifetime. This book allows the reader to approach pregnancy and early parenthood with warmth, confidence, joy and love.’ Arinna Earley, early childhood and parent educator.

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